At Amy Home Services, we offer you two types of discount service agreements; the Amy Gold Club and the Amy Universal Club. Both benefit homeowners by helping to budget regular maintenance and keep an eye on possible areas of concern – this helps you to both avoid emergencies and save money by maintaining rather than replacing equipment.

A Typical Service Call Amy Universal Discount Club
Service Call Fee $79.00 $0.00
Average Repair Fee $243.00 10% Discount Applied $219.00
Total $322.00 $219.00
Savings $0.00 $103.00

Explanation of a Universal Discount Club; annual cost is $360.00 which after the first service call, in the scenario above, has already saved $103.00.

Break down of benefits included with the Universal Discount Club:

1-A/C Precision Tune Up a $99.00 Value
1-Furnace Premier Tune Up a $99.00 Value
One annual whole house electrical and plumbing inspection report a $158.00 Value(Each)
Always 10% savings on any service work for all division (typically) a $100.00 Value

After one year’s Universal Discount Club membership is paid for, the customer will have a $360.00 credit available toward any major project of $2000.00 or more as long as the contract is renewed and in good standing.

The Gold Discount Club is also available for $240.00 annually. It includes everything the Universal has except no $360.00 credit available and only includes the Plumbing OR Electrical Inspection (not both).