If your new dryer is electric, but the existing hook-up is for a gas dryer, call us.

One of our licensed electricians can convert that for you. Today.

Has your family outgrown that small fuse box?

Have us take a look. Our professional electricians can increase your service size to allow for additional circuits and avoid blowing over-loaded circuits.

Is the outside of your home too dark?

An Amy lighting specialist can review your home and recommend exterior lighting to suggest a layout that provides convenience, safety and beauty to your home.

Need more outlets in the garage?

Amy’s guys can run some additional outlets – or even an additional panel in your workshop – to provide outlets for work benches, welder, compressors, etc. You name it and we’ll run it.

Does the old wiring in your home scare you?

Older, brittle wiring can be replaced, protected or both to prevent fires. Our team can run new wiring throughout your home for a safe and secure system.

Just wondering if all of your outlets are grounded, or if your home is wired correctly, or if the safety devices are in proper working order?

Our licensed electricians can do a whole house electrical review to determine if everything is safe and secure.

Contact us today!

Amy Home Services has all of your electric needs covered.


Our Electric Services